• Time-lapse video of Milton-Madison Bridge Project

    The time-lapse video at right chronicles the Milton-Madison Bridge Project from the beginning of construction in the Spring of 2011 through the historic bridge slide three years later.

  • Governors Lead Dedication Ceremony

    Ky. Gov. Steve Beshear and Ind. Gov. Mike Pence led a ceremony Tuesday, October 28 at the Brown Gym in Madison, Ind. to dedicate the new Milton-Madison Bridge. The governors were joined by other dignitaries in praising the spirit of cooperation and paying tribute to the innovative engineering that led to the successful completion of the project. The event was attended by several hundred people.



  • Time-Lapse of Historic Bridge Slide

    Sliding a half-mile bridge weighing 30 million pounds is not only an amazing feet, it’s historic. When the Milton-Madison Bridge slid 55 feet onto permanent piers, it was the largest bridge slide of its type in North America, perhaps the world. On April 10, 2014, the historic slide of the Milton-Madison Bridge was complete. The time-lapse video on the right shows this incredible engineering task in about a minute.

  • Sidewalk Open image.

    Sidewalk Open

    The sidewalk opened for pedestrian use October 28 following the dedication ceremony. Citizens of Madison and Milton began immediately enjoying the new experience. The old bridge did not have a sidewalk.

traffic alerts

  • Work has resumed on the Milton-Madison Bridge as the construction crew modifies sidewalk bearings. This requires raising the sidewalk slightly, approximately an inch, in some areas.

    Deemed as minor work, this will not require the sidewalk to be closed, meaning pedestrians will still be allowed on the sidewalk. However, there will be workers on the sidewalk at times. Also, there will be daily closings of the bridge shoulders (emergency lanes) because workers will be in these areas as well.

    Weather permitting, painting will also resume April 6. All work is expected to be complete by the end of May, bringing substantial completion of the project.



construction update


    • Touch-up painting to resume in Spring 2015
    • Pedestrian walkway open
    • Vaughn Drive reopened