Madison Main Street Transfer Paves Way for New Bridge Approach

June 27, 2014– Following a March meeting between Mayor Damon Welch and Governor Mike Pence, the Indiana Department of Transportation has agreed to reroute and improve its approach to the new Milton-Madison Bridge in exchange for turning over State Road 56/Main Street to the city.

“This opportunity is a win-win for Madison and Jefferson County,” said Mayor Welch. “The new approach would serve as a gateway to the community while we develop our historic Main Street to enhance tourism.”

A detailed review of environmental impacts would begin later this year, during which a route for the improved approach would be recommended and public input sought. Upon completion of environmental review and land purchases, INDOT would finance and bid the estimated $14 million project in the fiscal year starting July 2018.

“Roads mean jobs, and U.S. 421 serves as a vital link for cross-river commerce with the new Milton-Madison Bridge,” said Indiana Governor Mike Pence. “I applaud the work of the Indiana Department of Transportation and the City of Madison to improve the Indiana bridge approach, which will make Madison an even better place to live and work.”

After the new approach opens, the city of Madison would take over maintenance responsibilities of 4.4 miles of state highways: